STYLE GURU BIO: Naomi Smith-George

January 7th, 2016 at 2:00am
STYLE GURU BIO: Naomi Smith-George
Hello, my name is Naomi Smith-George, and I am proud to introduce myself as a returning Style Guru this spring! For the last three semester I’ve had the amazing opportunity to report as a writer for various columns on CollegeFashionista, showcasing fabulous Fashionistas/os in my hometown of New York City and on my beloved campus at Agnes Scott College. This spring I am ecstatic to be reporting more unique styles from “Scottieville!” I am a junior majoring in creative writing with a minor in public health. This will be the second semester that the CollegeFashionista community will get to see fabulous Scotties showcase their style.
This semester however, there’s a twist!  I will be showcasing my own style along with Scotties traveling abroad along side me in Ireland! For two weeks, this winter break I have been given the amazing opportunity to travel the little Island of Ireland. Myself and a few other Scotties will be spending time in Dublin, Killarney, Kilkenny and various other places within the rich history filled country. I am so excited to be traveling in such a beautiful place, and grateful to be able to share some fashion snippets with the CollegeFashionista community!
Although we are gracing upon the spring semester, it is still very cold in these winter months. Ireland for one, is very familiar with the cold, rainy and cloudy weather and Scotties have come prepared! As we voyage from the Hill of Tara to the Cliffs of Moher, I will be snapping the best style among my fellow Scotties. Atlanta, unlike Ireland, usually embraces its people with beautiful southern warmth, but for those who know ATL all too well, know that there are some days that mirror the essence of Ireland weather. Upon returning to campus, I will also be sharing snippets of transitioning winter to spring fashion.
To the readers familiar with my girly, edgy and chic style, thank you for following my journey with CollegeFashionista so far. To my new readers, I hope you enjoy this semesters features of my evolving winter/spring style along side my Scotties!