STYLE GURU BIO: Nakie Uzeiri

Sipping flat whites around continental Europe is how I spent this past year…and how I plan to spend the next few. Was I on a gap year, you ask? Not exactly. I studied abroad for the year and took my core classes for my major in the fashionable, lovely and lively city of London.

Why would I take my core classes abroad? For a year?

Well, this Style Guru is also a ‘media guru’. At my school, Arcadia University, I study Global Media with a concentration in New Media Journalism. The commitment I made to my major and studies also involved committing to a year abroad—that is where I was exposed to the world of New Media Journalism and I couldn’t have fallen deeper in love with it.

As I’ve always been a lover of magazines (I even dressed as Anna Wintour in the eighth grade for Halloween) I finally got into magazine writing. I took various magazine production and lifestyle writing courses at my host university, University of Westminster. Here, I figured out that lifestyle journalism is definitely what I want to focus on doing for the rest of my life. Being the fashion and beauty editor of my group produced magazine and writing various fashion and beauty pieces, I finally found my passion.

My eight months in chic London Town inspired me in many ways. Not only did it open my eyes in regards to what I wanted to do in the future, but I learned that I wanted it to include fashion. This is something the city made me positive of.

I also became a huge fan of the current trends among the British campus I lived at. adidas trainers are ones I adore more than anything, but as you can see from the Nike Air Max’s I’m wearing in the photo above, I became a sneaker lover in general. I personally believe they can make any outfit look cool and comfy, just like the vest I’m wearing. This was yet another huge trend I grew to like. You can find a similar one at one of my favorite stores in the UK, New Look. But alas, the store in which money fled most often from my wallet was the one and only Topshop, where I also purchased these torn black jeans.

Besides spending obscene amounts of money on shoes and flipping through beautifully matte pages of magazines like Suitcase and Kinfolk, I also enjoy traveling (with dangerously heavy backpacks), eating exotic foods and giving into my caffeine addiction.