May 27th, 2015 at 2:10am

Simplicity, in my opinion, is the key to good design. I’ve always sworn by the phrase “less is more.” I try my best to maintain a minimalist wardrobe by buying more high quality items while buying trendy, seasonal items for cheap, as well as limiting the accessories I pair my outfits with. By doing this, my clothes last longer, and I always stay in style—an advantage for a college student who doesn’t always have the money to splurge. This style forces me to get creative with my look. Some days, one may see me strolling across campus in a sleek all-black outfit paired with nothing but a statement jewelry piece, but other days, I may pair a simple flannel button-down shirt and jeans with an oversized purse.

I relish a very classic look. I’m forever drawn toward neutral colors, but I’ve made it a goal this year to experiment more with bright and bold colors and break away from the safety of the usual blacks, whites and browns. I can’t leave my dorm without an oversized purse and my scarf all wrapped and pinned nicely (there are such things as bad hijab days).

I will be a third year Business student, minoring in Arabic and overseeing my university’s Arabic Club this upcoming academic year as Vice President. I hope to open my own business oversees while traveling and blogging in my spare time. I have launched two blogs— serves as my travel and personal diary, and is where I cover modest fashion and style.

My clothing will always be a reflection of my personality and the kind of person I aim to be. I also see my choice of mixing fashion and faith as a rebellion against the long believed stereotype that women who wear the headscarf are oppressed and have no identity.
I was raised in Atlanta, Georgia, located just one state over, so I notice how Atlanta’s big city fashion trends differ greatly from the more Southern and hospitable town of Tuscaloosa. Apart from my studies, I love getting away for the weekends and going to the nearby falls and lakes or taking the occasional road trip to other nearby cities and states. I’m very excited about being a CollegeFashionista Style Guru this summer and discovering other stylish Fashionistas/os on my campus here in Tuscaloosa, Alabama and afar!