STYLE GURU BIO: Morgen Schroen

May 26th, 2015 at 2:00am

Hey! My name is Morgen Schroen and I just completed my third year at San Francisco State University, in which I am majoring in Journalism and minoring in Labor and Employment Studies. Upon graduation within the coming years, I intend to go to FIDM’s San Diego campus to complete a Professional Designation Degree in Merchandise Marketing. In my efforts to receive a BA in Journalism, as well as a degree in Merchandise Marketing, I will marry my two loves of writing and fashion, both of which I’ve held dearly to myself beginning at a young age.

This summer, I will spend my three month vacation from school in San Diego, California to enjoy the sunshine, glorious beaches and California burritos that make up my hometown. Having been born and raised in San Diego, I can expect weather that allows for shorts, T-shirts, tank tops, dresses of all lengths and not a coat in sight for a change!

As far as my personal style is concerned, I opt for a simple look in terms of color scheme, with a heavy concentration on black and white pieces, patterns, including an overabundance of stripes and varying choices of silhouette, gravitating towards shapeless and oversized pieces. I take a minimalist approach to achieve this, following in the steps of Caroline Joy Rector of I do, however, enjoy adding variety to my wardrobe and will have fun with statement pieces on occasion, ranging in degree from a chunky necklace to a bold patterned bottom. Though my wardrobe may not always be colorful, I do make sure to utilize an array of fabrics and textures, including chantilly lace, velvet, denim, linen and jersey knits. All of these elements in consideration, I like to classify my look as “refined bohemian-chic.”

This season, I plan to continue on with my “refined bohemian-chic” efforts, and wear oversized T-shirts and sweaters, cropped tanks, patterned flared knit bottoms, loose cardigans, midi and maxi dresses, chunky-heeled everything, slip-on sneakers, platform sandals and boyfriend jeans. Not included on my list are the several bikinis I currently own and will definitely be sporting poolside and at the beach, as well as the ones I intend to buy once I feel my current 10 bikini sets won’t suffice.

I enjoy fashion for many reasons, including the creative expression that comes alongside with making trending pieces your own. I’ve always enjoyed seeing different takes on one common article of clothing, and how different people will style those pieces and make them original. As Blake Lively once said in her interview with Glamour Magazine for her July 2011 cover shoot, “As long as you are being true to yourself, rather than trying to look like anyone else, or trying to fit into a style that doesn’t fit your body because its what’s trendy, you have nothing to worry about.” That being said, I will seek out those who I feel creatively express themselves through fashion, without compromising personal differences in trends.