STYLE GURU BIO: Morgann Bryngelson

June 2nd, 2016 at 2:00am

Hello, there! First things first, my name is Morgann Bryngelson (yes, with two n’s). Bowling Green, Kentucky, has been my home for about three years now. More specifically, I’ve found my place on top of “the hill” at Western Kentucky University. It’s the perfect college town to figure out this roller coaster we call “life.” You can typically find me tailgating for the Tops, grabbing coffee or snagging some half priced sushi at Shogun with my Phi Mu sisters.

Now I’ll offer a bit of background. Growing up I’ve always had a passion for art and fashion and living just 20 minutes south of Cincinnati, Ohio, inspiration was never in short supply. Art and fashion go hand-in-hand. Fashion is art that you can wear after all. Finding my personal style has been quite the journey. It seems we all experience those awkward stages of figuring it all out and that certainly includes style. I’ve been through them all: punk, hipster, preppy, you name it, but that awkward scene queen has come a long way since the eighth grade.

As I enter my senior year of college, I’ve found that my style doesn’t really have a label. Sometimes I’m feeling lazy and just throw on a T-shirt, leggings and Birkenstocks and then head off to class. Other times I’m ready to hit The Square for a girls’ night out in a black romper and chunky heels. While running around town, I want to look put together while staying comfortable. Lately I’ve been working on incorporating more color into my wardrobe. I opted for pieces that featured Pantone’s Colors of the Year, (Rose Quartz and Serenity) in a pale pink sweatshirt and baby blue T-shirt dress. I’m loving the ’90s trend, so I threw on a black choker and tights to give the soft color scheme some edge. To finish it off, I added a statement bag in a bold leopard print and my trusty white Converse All-Stars. Summer is finally showing it’s face after a few chilly days, so I couldn’t forget my gray camouflage Ray-Ban aviators.

Throughout my years at WKU, I’ve learned that true Fashionistas/os don’t need to conform themselves to fit a specific style. Instead, they combine lots of different looks to create something unique and personal.

I’ve found most of my inspiration from social media, lifestyle blogs and even my fellow classmates. I look forward to working as a Style Guru so that I am able to explore the inspiration of others and how they interpret the word “style.” I’m excited to continue forming my own definition, while inspiring others along the way!