STYLE GURU BIO: Morgan Niedbalski

Hello fellow fashion lovers! My name is Morgan, and I am a freshman with enough credits to be considered a sophomore at Kent State University, where I am studying fashion merchandising. This is my first semester as a Style Guru, and I am super excited because I write all the time in my own personal journals, and this is a great way to actually share my thoughts. I also have a serious obsession with clothes.

I have a miniature pot bellied pig named Hamilton, aka Hammy, (pun intended) who receives many different reactions from people when they meet him. I adore reading anything I can get my hands on. I find it very fulfilling to learn as much as I possibly can. Growing up, I used to always steal my mom’s newest edition of Vogue and soak in the material on every single page. Looking back on it is pretty amusing now, because I used to dress like a boy—basketball shorts, T-shirts and all. I didn’t care what anyone thought about my attire, and I still have that attitude today. Because of this, it is hard to put my personal style into a boxed in category with a label. I know exactly what I like and what I don’t like, and that is how I decide on my outfits. My main thing is to pick something that looks best on your own body type. Not everything will look incredible on everyone, such as high-waisted jeans. I would rather just simply be able to call my style “me.”

Becoming yourself and figuring out your likes and dislikes requires one to “steal like an artist.” You borrow ideas from other people, and then create them into your own. In my outfit, I “stole” from the boho look. I am wearing a lace dress with feminine bell sleeves. Because of the cold weather, it is important to wear something underneath your dress. My own personal spin was that I wore boot socks. The leather boots contrast with the femininity of my lace dress, giving the look my own personal spin. I find balance in elements of outfits to give a feeling of classiness.

I am also big on details, and I loved the lace-up backs of my leather boots. I think they’re so fun instead of a plain zipper and also match along with the boho theme. My layered gold necklaces were my subtle detail pieces to pull the entire outfit together. The delicate chains and pieces added balance to the layered aspect, and the small rhinestones gave it a light, feminine sparkle. Throw on a long fur coat, and you have a great flirty date outfit!