STYLE GURU BIO: Morgan Fitzpatrick

My name is Morgan Fitzpatrick, I’m from Richmond, Virginia, and I love fashion! Being on George Mason’s campus for a year has exposed me to different styles, and I absolutely enjoy seeing great outfits! To me, fashion is keeping up with the latest trends and seeing what’s new, but style is what makes fashion YOU!

Coming into college I was a psychology major because it’s something I found interesting and thought I could easily make a career out of it. Once I got used to the college life, I realized that psychology wasn’t the way to go. I am now a communications major with a concentration in public relations and have dreams of working in fashion public relations. I also enjoy writing, and blogging has recently become one of my hobbies, but I soon hope to turn it into a career as well. I applied for this internship because I feel like it will help me in both aspects, as being a Style Guru will allow me to catch the hottest looks and write about it.

If I was any piece of clothing, I would say I would be a pink midi dress because dresses are becoming my favorite items and pink is my favorite color! If I was any accessory, I would say I’d be a pair of platform sandals because they are also something I am getting into! I love the look they give off. I would describe my style as being very versatile. I can pull off almost any look that I am trying to create. One day I can be edgy, very chic and colorful, but sometimes I just want to be plain and boring while still looking stylish.