STYLE GURU BIO: Morayo Bakare

Hello, Fashionistas/os! Hailing from Kansas City, Missouri, I joined CollegeFashionista to share the anonymous stylish individuals who traverse Missouri and eastern Kansas with everyone! After all, there are more than just cows, corn and grass down here!

I’m currently studying mechanical engineering at my university and, though it is far from the typical communications or fashion design majors, it is a passion of mine right alongside fashion. Fashion came into my life as early as I could remember; however, I did not identify it as such until seventh grade. As a young girl, I had always been drawn to villains in television shows-with their dark clothing and intricate designs. As such, it became no surprise that, in seventh grade, my fascination with dark clothing had a name—goth—and I began pursuing the intricacies of that style.

Now, as a senior nearing graduation, I still dress as a goth. My style, however, has evolved from spikes on my neck and wrists everyday to elegant lace and ruffles with lots of dresses and skirts. I still maintain my love of dark colors, especially black. I do like to experiment with brighter colors, and this shows mostly in my makeup colors.

I recently decided to see why Audrey Hepburn was considered a fashion icon and watched Breakfast at Tiffany’s. It was superb and made me very happy, which is unlike the numerous horror films I enjoy watching. After exploring other Hepburn movies and realizing I enjoyed them as well, I decided that she would be one of my own fashion icons and joined the inspiring ladies on my list such as Taylor Momsen, Emma Watson, Josephine Baker and Morticia Addams. This is me and my style in a cute, skull-shaped nutshell.

Now, I primarily joined CollegeFashionista to enhance my fashion writing skills. I would like to one day start a fashion magazine, and I believe that this internship will force me to practice using descriptors and improve the quality and length of my current fashion writing pieces. In the mean time, I work in retail handling wedding dresses in order to understand the role of a stylist, since I have at some point in my life aspired to be one as well. This internship, along with my other life activities, simply gives me a chance to explore what I like specifically about fashion and where I want to go. I am grateful for this opportunity to share my writing with you Fashionistas/os, and please keep coming back to read more!