STYLE GURU BIO: Montana Moyer

June 2nd, 2016 at 2:10am

What’s up Fashionistas/os? My name is Montana and I am extremely excited to be writing for my third semester with CollegeFashionista. I grew up right outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and I am currently going to college in Ohio. Next semester, I am going to be a sophomore at Kent State University (KSU). I am studying fashion merchandising with a minor in photo illustration.

After I’ve completed my studies at KSU, I would like to live in New York City and pursue a career in the fashion industry. Another thing that is a huge part of my life is photography. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always been trying to snap artsy photographs of things, even though they might not have been the best pictures. Once I get myself settled in the fashion world, I want to open up my own studio.

As a child, I hated it when my mom wouldn’t let me pick out my own outfits. Finally, when she allowed me to dress myself, I discovered that I loved fashion. When I started shopping on my own, I realized how therapeutic it is to be able to pick out clothing and try it on with as many ensembles as possible. I always found myself helping my sisters and friends pick out what to wear. One thing that I love about fashion is that every person is able to have their own style, which represents their own personality.

Now that I have officially finished my first year of college, its time to start dressing for warmer weather. In this outfit, I was going for a ’90s vibe. I found this T-shirt dress and paired it with some layered necklaces and a choker, which made this outfit look more old school. For a funkier look, I wore a pair of knee-high socks with chunky black booties. Finally, to keep the bright sun out of my face, I threw on this summery fedora.

I’m stoked to see what CollegeFashionista has in store this semester! Stay tuned.