STYLE GURU BIO: Montana Moyer

January 6th, 2016 at 2:00am

Hey Fashionistas/os! My name is Montana Moyer, and I am more than excited to be joining CollegeFashionista for a second semester! All my life I have lived right outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and my dream has always been to work in New York City because I live so close, so I hope I can pursue a career in the city one day.

When I found out that Kent State University has one of the top fashion programs in the country, I knew that was where I had to go to school. I eventually chose to attend KSU to pursue a major in fashion merchandising. As a kid, I hated it when my mother would pick out my outfits for me every single day. That was when I realized that the fashion world is where I belong. While growing up, I never really had one particular style. I would always say, “I just like what I like.”

Ever since I was a little kid, my family has loved to take adventurous vacations throughout the country. While staying in many different states, I have come to discover the many popular trends that each individual state has. I will always love looking at the people around me to see how different people develop their own style. Growing up in my town, there was never really that much to do, so I often found myself hanging out around the mall. When I discovered how therapeutic shopping was, my love for fashion blossomed. Throughout the years, fashion has started taking up most of my time. I always find myself helping everyone choose outfits for special occasions, and sometimes, I’m even helping people choose outfits just for their normal everyday life.

Now that the semester is over, it’s time to warm up in some cozy winter clothing. My favorite store at the moment is Forever 21 because it is super affordable and you can find nearly everything there. I would say about 90 percent of my wardrobe is from that store. For this outfit, I was able to find this super warm turtleneck sweater and some matching over-the-knee socks. For an extra layer of warmth, I added this really fuzzy fur vest I found at a store near campus. I added a simple black beanie to top it all off and to add to this wintertime look.

I can’t wait to see what else the rest of you Fashionistas/os have in store this semester. Be sure to keep checking back in order to see what new fashion tips I have for you!