Hello ladies and gentlemen! I’m Monica, but I prefer to go by Monny. I’m a long time resident of the Sunshine state and a sophomore at Daytona State College. This summer I am insanely thrilled to embark on my first semester as a Style Guru with CollegeFashionista.

I would classify myself as a socially awkward, but an extremely loving person who hides behind sarcastic comments. I like to believe that’s the Pisces in me. Ever since my middle school days, I have always been in love with fashion, dressing up and getting hooked on the latest trends. My style is forever changing; there is not a definite term to describe the way I dress. However, I think it’s always important to stay stylish and comfortable! Especially when you’re faced with constant hot weather and humidity or is that just global warming acting upon us? As visually displayed, my typical go-to’s are usually distressed boyfriend jeans, topped with a lace, open shoulder blouse and to keep it stylish, I finish my outfit with my favorite pair of suede ankle boots.

You’ll normally catch me eating breakfast by the beach with my pals or getting my taste buds tingled by my momma’s home-cooked Cambodian meals. Other than always eating, I take enjoyment in obsessing over stationary items, drinking coffee religiously and spending countless hours binge-watching Law & Order: SVU.

The opportunity to be a Style Guru will allow me to capture the different aesthetics of other Fashionistas and Fashionistos. I want the social media world to be exposed to the diverse selection of people who choose to express themselves through their own unique style! Stay tuned this summer and most importantly, stay cool!