STYLE GURU BIO: Monica Humphries

Throughout my life I’ve probably imagined myself in thousands of careers, from a traveling nurse to a chemical engineer, so my decision to major in Journalism was a difficult choice, but it’s been one of the best decisions I’ve made. Entering the College of Journalism was a little intimidating to say the least, but it has changed my entire mindset and provided me with goals I cannot wait to accomplish. One of these goals is to expand my sense of style and knowledge of the fashion industry.

So to introduce myself, I’m Monica Humphries and I’m a freshman at the University of Florida. I’m studying Journalism along with Environmental Sciences with a hope of eventually becoming an environmental journalist. I have a passion to travel the world and share the journey.

Along with this journey comes a desire to learn and expand my fashion understanding. Fashion has an ability to express emotion and personality unlike any art form and because of this, I’m captivated by the industry. Growing up, you could consistently find me harassing and begging my brother to be my model. I was his stylist and he was my runway model. Since childhood, the desire of fashion has continued with obsessions of Project Runway and Vogue. I continue to be fascinated by the amazing fashion surrounding me at the University of Florida.

Along with a fascination in fashion, I’ve also been enthralled by photography. I took my first photography class sophomore year of high school and fell in love. CollegeFashionista is the perfect opportunity to combine these two amazing art forms and I cannot wait to spread the style of Gainesville throughout CollegeFashionista.

Style is a way to communicate and my personal expression regularly consists of statement necklaces and my favorite pair of Converse. My necklace collection seemingly grows exponentially and no outfit is ever complete without jewelry. I can’t say I’m the trendiest but I am ready to explore the thrift shops of Gainesville and expand my personal style.

So in a sea of oversized T-shirts and Nike shorts I’m out to find the trends and styles of UF and I can’t wait to see where this semester takes me.