STYLE GURU BIO: Molly Watson

June 1st, 2016 at 11:19am

Hi! My name’s Molly!  I love cheese, desserts involving fruit and I’m currently a rising senior at the VCU School of Arts with a major in Fashion Merchandising, a minor in French and the beginnings of a photography hobby. I’m a competitive equestrian and self-taught yogi who also tends to throw herself into other random sports such as crew and boxing (usually unsuccessfully, albeit the stories are always worth it). I make my “for fun” money by nannying, training young horses and teaching riding lessons.

Growing up, I spent a reasonable amount of time abroad—almost my entire family is in Yorkshire, England. I also spent a couple of years in France and Denmark before I started high school back in the states. Writing and literature have always been subjects I’ve been interested in and passionate about—and for someone who can sometimes barely string a coherent sentence together in person, I find that I can get my ideas across much more eloquently on paper. Another subject area I have also been super passionate about is fashion; although my tastes took awhile to mature (think color-blind circus monkey, or new-found independent three-year-old) it has grown into what I would consider an art form that I apply to my daily life. I firmly believe expression through personal style is more than an Instagram #ootd, or the latest Yeezy sneakers; it’s your own, unique way of telling the world “this is how I feel today.”  Be that a sundress or sweats, fashion is one of the most readily accessible forms of visual art.  It can change your mood and empower you.

All that said, I’m thrilled to be joining CollegeFashionista and the Style Guru family! Get ready for a summer chock full of fun fashion, as well as my dismal forays into the world of adulting and pants.