STYLE GURU BIO: Molly Reddington

May 25th, 2015 at 2:00am

Hey everyone! I am super excited to be writing my first post as a Style Guru on the Virginia Commonwealth University campus. I am a junior Fashion Merchandising major here at VCU and I love it more and more with every class I take. Going to school in the city provides great inspiration for my style. The students here also inspire me by their creativity and uniqueness in their everyday fashion. While Richmond gets a label of being super hipster, there are actually a variety of other styles that students rock around campus. Simply walking to class displays the amazing genre of the students here at VCU. This will be my first summer in Richmond and I cannot wait to see what my peers have in store for summer looks.

My personal style is always evolving. I have come along way over the years in figuring out what I like, but I still like to experiment and change things up. Fashion is a way I express myself and sometimes it is fun to play around and see what is best for me. My favorite outfits are simple, and include solid T-shirts or tank tops, ripped jeans or shorts and gladiators or Converse sneakers. With these pieces as a basis, I then add different accessories like statement necklaces or stacked bracelets. I make little changes for whatever is on the agenda for the day. Overall, I would consider my look to be boho and trendy.

I am beyond excited to show off the Fashionista’s and Fashionisto’s on my campus and learn more about fashion and writing this summer. I hope you all will check back every Monday to see what’s new!