STYLE GURU BIO: Molly Chrisman

January 8th, 2016 at 2:10am

Hello! My name is Molly Chrisman and I am so excited to be starting this internship with CollegeFashionista! I am a public relations student at the University of South Carolina minoring in retail/fashion merchandising. As a firm believer in the saying, “look good, feel good,” I know that fashion can not only give me confidence and a creative outlet, but hopefully also a career that I love!

Fashion has always been close to my heart. As a kid, I loved to play dress-up and style photo shoots with my sisters. Back then, the only thing scarier than a monster under the bed was the idea of a school uniform. Luckily, as I got older, I realized that dress-up didn’t have to end. I fell in love with fashion magazines, which gave me inspiration for my own wardrobe. The halls of my suburban Ohio high school were full of fashionable variety, which led me to an appreciation of styles different from my own.

When I decided to attend college in the heart of South Carolina, I was intimidated by the culture and fashion of the South. To my surprise, USC was much more diverse than the sea of Lilly Pulitzer dresses and Jack Rodgers sandals I had imagined. The gamecocks welcomed me, along with my bright red hair (RIP) and leather jacket, with open arms. As it turned out, southern hospitality was not a total myth!

My personal style, you ask? I would describe my style as contemporary with earthy and vintage elements mixed in. I love to keep up with current runway trends, but my favorite way to make a look my own is by including a vintage piece hand-picked from a local thrift store! Taking something old and making it new makes fashion fun and interactive. Whether I was altering a vintage dress to make it more modern, or recycling fabric from an old skirt into a fun scarf, fashion became a creative outlet and my favorite way to express myself.

My outfit above includes some of my favorite pieces, old and new. Faux leather leggings provide an edgy contrast to a vintage patterned blazer, my favorite thing in my closet currently. A soft neutral sweater keeps the outfit warm and comfortable, and sets the perfect background for my agate tassel necklace, an earthy touch! I finished this look with a pair of comfortable black suede chelsea boots and a vintage leather Coach handbag.

Stay tuned this semester for style advice and inspiration from the beautiful and stylish University of South Carolina!