STYLE GURU BIO: Mollie Maistelman

June 2nd, 2016 at 2:00am

My name is Mollie Maistelman and I couldn’t be more excited to start my first semester as a Style Guru. I am a rising freshman at Virginia Commonwealth University and will be studying fashion merchandising. I am so stoked to be starting this journey with such an awesome company.

My personal style is sort of all over the place if I am being honest. While I take pride in my personal style, I like to switch it up constantly. My style reflects my mood, my surroundings and my bank account. When I am in the mood for something bohemian and fun, I go for some culottes and a lace crop top. My overall go-to style is edgy–I feel most comfortable in outfits that have some edgy element to them so I like to add faux leather accents like these shoes and this backpack from Brandy Melville. I believe that every person can find their personal style and make it exemplify who they are as a person. I hope to be able to capture these styles and let the clothes speak for themselves.

Along with my love for fashion, my love for traveling really shows through in my personality and style. I hope to travel the world within the next few years and get the chance to experience fashion across the globe. Photography is something that I am very interested in and I am excited to be able to showcase some of it through this internship as well.

I love helping other people find confidence through their personal style. I believe that I can do that through these articles and I hope to meet some cool people along the way.

I really, truly hope you enjoy reading my articles and would love if you all connected with me on social media!