STYLE GURU BIO: Mitali Gupta

September 3rd, 2016 at 2:00am
STYLE GURU BIO: Mitali Gupta

There is a deep link between my sartorial consciousness and my emotions, desires and my changing identity. Fashion’s most captivating quality is that it reflects my personality and mood transformations much before I can consciously gauge them. All summer I was so busy focusing on what I’d put on hold during the school year that time just whizzed past. Thinking about my style evolution is the only way I realized what changed about me this summer.

I interned at a fashion brand, Anomaly, which features timeless, trendless and classic staples. In admiring and respecting the brand, I got carried away in identifying with it; I felt I needed to reject trends and somehow train my eye to subtler things (a key selling point of the brand). I did the same when I tried defining my style as minimalist—I began avoiding items that didn’t fit into a minimalist framework. This was great to train my eye in new ways, but I realized my aesthetic was more fickle, wild and free than I previously thought. I could like a style and identify with a brand while still liking trends, wearing wilder patterns and color blocking pastels. The most liberating thing was I didn’t have to care if everyone liked my style, because I loved it. This reflected my acceptance of different opinions, tastes and habits of close people in my life. Previously, I avoided all conflict because I felt it alienated me, just as deviating from a style made me feel lost. Realizing I could like a style without feeling limited by it made me more comfortable with my own tastes and opinions, whether or not they resonated with others.

So as of now, instead of telling you about my style, here are some things I currently like and feel inspired by. My current favorite clothing items are culottes, midi dresses, slip dresses and sneakers. My color obsessions are white, mustard, rose gold and navy. Linen, organic cotton and silk my favorite fabrics for the sultry summer. Two completely unrelated songs that inspired my clothing choices are “Blue” by Marina and the Diamonds and “Comptine d’un autre été l’apres-midi” by Yann Tiersen. Some brands that I think have very interesting designs and concepts are Ikai, Obataimu and Anomaly.

Here’s what I’m wearing: Anomaly’s drawstring travel pants, silk tankadidas sneakers and a gold choker. Stay tuned for more surprises!