STYLE GURU BIO: Misheel Tserenbat

Hello, hello! My name is Misheel Tserenbat and I am super pumped to be returning as a Style Guru this semester. I am a junior at DePaul University in the beautiful city of Chicago. I originally wanted pursue a degree in electrical engineering; however, I changed my mind to pursue a completely different field—accounting. Since my freshman year in college, I have changed my major and concentration as my interests and influences surrounding me have also changed. As of right now, I am studying operations management within the sports and fashion industry.

I like to stand out in the crowd and hope to influence someone with my style as I am influenced by my peers at my university and in the city. I would describe my style as simple and chic. I love to wear solid colored clothing and finish off my look with statement pieces, such as necklaces, bright or patterned outerwear and a pair of heels or wedges. My love for heels is unconditional and I wear them every chance I get (no, that’s not a joke).

The outfit I am wearing right now pretty much sums up my style as I love to wear solid colors and include a statement piece to complete my look. Although I do not always wear dark colors head-to-toe, lately I have been attracted to the all black look.  Two of my closet staples that I just had to have are my over-the-knee boots and my high-low top. They go with almost everything and make any outfit effortlessly chic. I completed my look with this warm and cozy wool blazer in order keep myself warm, yet stylish, in this bipolar Chicago weather.

Thank you for reading my little introduction; I hope you continue to keep up with me and my fashion findings this semester.