STYLE GURU BIO: Mireya Gutierrez

Hi there! My name is Mireya Gutierrez, pronounced like Mariah Carey. Every time I tell someone my name, the first response is “Oh like Mariah Carey”, so I have embraced it. I am currently attending Moraine Valley Community College and plan to transfer after my two years. I am in the middle of trying to narrow my options of majors, as well as schools. I do hope to make a career out of fashion one day.

I have always been obsessed with fashion. I have always loved shopping and seeing the new trends. I use to tear apart magazines and hang up the pictures all over my walls. After my tearing of magazines, I moved onto online. I fell in love with Instagram and fashion blogs. I have always wanted to get started in the fashion blogging world and I am so excited to get started!

My style changes every day. For the most part, they all have something in common, comfort. Comfort is my number one priority with my style. One day, I’ll be really girly and the next, I can be super casual. Some of my favorite items are shoes! On this particular day, I was feeling pretty girly. Dresses are my favorite thing to wear in the summer because of how easy they are to throw on. This dress is so adorable with the floral print and the small detail of the ruffles. The summer heat was strong this day, so I brought out my trusty Birkenstock sandals. You either hate or like these shoes. Personally, I love them because they are so practical. These are great shoes for those summer adventures. Summer is a great time of year to bring out your jewelry. Mostly because you can’t really wear long sleeves and turtle necks in the heat and people are more likely to see your cute accessories! Being a big fan in jewelry, I have collected daily jewels. If you see me on the daily, these will be on fingers, neck and wrists. I love these rings, my Mickey Mouse ring just shows my love for Disney. My promise rings are my everything; they mean so much to me and are beautiful. My charm bracelet is full of memories and it adds a nice touch to every outfit. This necklace goes perfect with every outfit, I love small and dainty necklaces. They are my favorite because you can wear one or layer multiple ones.