STYLE GURU BIO: Miranda Coker

Welcome back everyone. As most people declare at this time of year, “New Year, New Me!” That’s how I feel going into this third semester at CollegeFashionista. This year has been one of the best and one of the worst. I fully declared my major, I found this amazing internship and I’ve found lifelong friends. This year also brought with it heartbreak and tragedy. While I love the good and am grieving over the bad things in this past year, it is in the past. Now I want to focus on the future and the amazing things to come in 2016.

A great way to feel good is to look good, and boy, did this outfit make me feel good. I started off with an ombre trapeze style dress. I love this style because you look effortlessly put together. It’s also the perfect dress if you want to stuff your face with food because it’s not constricting at all. I wanted to edge it up so I paired it with black leather booties and a matching bag. I know there’s a rule about matching your bag to your shoes, but I could care less. I just think it looked cool. I wanted to add some glitz to the final look so for jewelry, I added some gold and white jewelry. I love this necklace because it’s so versatile. You can add it to almost any outfit and it pairs beautifully. I finished off the look by adding a bold red lip and adding some volume and texture in my hair. I rarely do anything with my hair so doing anything with my hair means I was going all out.

If I could choose a soundtrack for this look, Beyoncé’s “Feeling Myself” would be playing on repeat. The main reason I loved this look was how it made me feel. It doesn’t matter what your outfit is, if it makes you feel good, it’s a good outfit. That’s the kind of mindset I’m going into 2016 with. Even if others might not like something I choose, if It makes me feel good about myself, It’s the right choice. I hope everyone else does something to make them feel good about themselves too.