Hey there! My name is Mike Allen and I’m a junior at Memorial University of Newfoundland where I’m pursuing a double major in biology and psychology, however, I’m  also obtaining a diploma in communications, which I plan on using to join ACTRA in the future. I have decided to go down many paths so I have my options open later down the road.

I’m an advocate for dressing up for no reason, which my wardrobe usually reflects. But due to the Newfoundland weather, I dress up far less than I would like too. However, with that being said, even in these intense winds and fluctuating weather patterns I get to express myself through how I dress. I can be found always wearing the color black, nine times out of ten, I’ll incorporate a black T-shirt into my outfit. In my opinion it’s the easiest color to match too; like what doesn’t black go with? To list a few of my go to brand names: American Eagle Outfitters, H&M, Urban Outfitters and American Apparel  are where I pick up the majority of my wardrobe.

In this look I went with heavy contrast between black and white. I am wearing a graphic crew neck T-shirt, paired with a black pair of denim. Additionally, I put on a pair of my favourite shoes, with off-white laces. I’m not one to over accessorize, but I do love to blend a watch into my style. I’m also a firm believer of dressing in clothes that makes you feel comfortable, not just clothes that are appealing to the eye, which my wardrobe always reflects.