STYLE GURU BIO: Mikaila Carter

Let me introduce myself—My name is Mikaila Carter, Mik for short. I am a fashion merchandising student at Indiana University of Pennsylvania and I also work at Forever 21. I started working in the retail industry when I was 16 years old and after working with clothes for about four years, I developed a passion for what I was doing. School and work became very enjoyable when I started doing something I loved.

I am very petite at only 4’10. I have always have difficulty finding clothing that was a perfect fit for me, so I always improvised and made the clothes work. Sometimes I even buy kids clothes if they are cute enough! Thrifting and reconstructing items have also helped me build a perfect closet.

In retail I get a first look at the fast fashions going up on the market. Fast fashion is important to pay attention to as a college Fashionista/o.  At IUP, the weather is changing constantly so I have to adapt my outfits to the weather everyday. Fashion trends are always changing and the fashion industry races to keep up with them. I think it’s thrilling to see trends come and go and sometimes even come back.

Last semester I took a journalistic writing class—At first I struggled with the articles but learned how to improve my writing. That class inspired me to combine my passion of fashion with my new skill of writing. Clothes speak and it is important that a fashion writer can interpret what a designer is trying to portray.

What does every writer, designer, or business owner want? Feedback! While I’m working with CollegeFashionista, I want to explore different styles and also get opinions on my own outfits because feedback is a good way to improve my skills in styling and writing.

I am so excited to be a Style Guru for summer 2016.