STYLE GURU BIO: Michelle Cao

May 26th, 2015 at 2:00am

Hi there! My name is Michelle Cao. I am a rising junior at Rutgers University. I am currently studying Public Relations with a minor in Anthropology. I am super excited to be working with College Fashionista for the first time ever! With this opportunity I will be able to not only explore the diversity of my campus but also the diversity of styles that it has. I am eager to show off the limitless styles that Rutgers has to offer, and I hope you’re just as excited!

My love for fashion began at a very young age, specifically at the tender age of 11. It was the first time I watched The Devil Wears Prada and I fell in love with Anne Hathaway and everything that she goes through. It became my little dream, as cliché as that seems. With that inspiration always in the back of my mind, I found that fashion was a door to my self-expression.

I love seeing how different people take a trend and make it into their own. Hopefully, I will be able to discover how people do this, and I will share it with all of you! Aside from the outfit itself, it’s important for me to find a way to find the most affordable but fashionable pieces. Fashion is not always about the most expensive brands but how you rock it.

Aside from fashion, love dogs! I’m convinced that I’ll become a dog lady one day. I also love painting and anything that involves arts and crafts; I may not be able to draw but as long as the finished product looks good, right? And a couple more little things—I love cooking, baking, longboarding and anthropology!

Now that you have learned a little bit about me, I hope that you’ll join me on my semester of adventures and enjoy it as much as I will!