STYLE GURU BIO: Michaella Heavey

January 7th, 2016 at 2:00am

Born and raised in a Jersey Shore town along the Atlantic, it’s no surprise that my personality and fashion sense can be described as laid-back, breezy and always ready for adventure—of course, with a little added saltiness.

Blessed to live in a place where there are miles of beaches to the east and acres of farmland and woodlands to the west, there is no shortage of opportunity for nature exploration or outlets for creativity. While each morning brings a new opportunity for adventure, I always have to be ready for whatever the day will throw my way; whether it’s a sunrise bikeride or a walk through the woods with my golden retriever. With this being said, I make sure to always dress in preparation for a long day outside. However, I never forget to leave my touch of style and femininity at home.

To give a little taste of my fashion sense, I’m shown in my combat boots, my favorite black jeans, my jean jacket, Herschel backpack and, of course, a beanie snagged from my large (and constantly growing) collection. Combat boots have been a winter staple for quite a few winter and fall seasons. The sturdiness and comfort of them readies me to hike hills or chase after my derelict of a dog, but the suede material of the shoe gives it a touch of class and femininity allowing me to dress up the outfit if necessary. The cowl neck sweater is a winter must; stylish and useful as the thick neckline allows you to leave the scarf at home. When the jean jacket comes off, the sweater is slightly more formal and opens up the amount of occasions in which the outfit can be worn. With the jacket back on, the outfit becomes a little more rugged and casual.

As for my accessories, this beanie is a favorite of my collection. Though it is patterned, it can be worn with anything. Pair it with another pattern such as a plaid winter jacket and it gives off a fun, quirky vibe. Throw it on with a plain jean jacket and you have the perfect laid-back look on lock. On top of it’s versatility, it is simple fix for a common winter fashion fumble: the all too frequent frizzy hair day.

As I am traveling abroad for my spring 2016 semester, my breezy winter style will not last much longer in the heat of southern Spain. However, I am excited to share the styles from the other side of the pond as I embark on my newest adventure!

Whatever adventure you’re off to, I hope to give all of you Fashionistas/os a way to dress for the journey.