STYLE GURU BIO: Michaela Wells

Wow! I cannot believe how time flies. I have completed my first semester of junior year at Marquette University; I am 21 years old, a graphic designer for student government, the incoming Vice President of Panhellenic and I am starting my second internship with CollegeFashionista. I could honestly say it has been the best time of my life. I have grown immensely and I am feeling like a young woman. All of this is thanks to my loving friends and family, who have helped me along the way, especially with my transition to a new major.

When I started college, I was a Marketing and Entrepreneurship major. Unfortunately, it was not the right fit. At the start of my junior year, I started my new major of Digital Media, minoring in Public Relations. Boy, I am glad I made the change! My classes are fun and I realize I am great at the work I am doing. I have discovered new facets of my personality through this as well. For example, in my productions class, I found out that I can be bossy when it comes to producing great projects, but that is not a bad thing, right? I also discovered my love for graphic design.

My path to graphic design began during my second semester of sophomore year: I saw a flyer for volunteer graphic designers to work with student government. I had done a small amount of this work in high school, but said, “why not? I was trying out a new major and needed to explore. After first semester, I realized I loved it! It is so fun to create my own designs for campus events and get students excited. One day I would love to design magazine layouts for the fashion industry, but for now I am enjoying writing fashion articles for CollegeFashionista.

I will be honest, I have always hated writing. It was tedious to try and think of theses, intros, and go through the whole research process for papers. I am not a bad writer, but it was never fun for me. However, this summer, my sister convinced me to try something new, out of my element: a challenge. So, I applied—and I got it! After my first article, I realized writing was fun! All I needed was to find something I liked to write about and fashion was certainly it. Having the ability to describe a Fashionista’s outfit, while being cute and funny, is a blast! It really does not feel like work—yet another reason I love it.

In closing, I want to leave you with what I have loved giving you most: my fashion advice. As you can see from the photos, I have made a fun, but “together” outfit. This is my style and this is how I live my life. Funky and fun is allowed, but you can still get down to business.

I hope you all will enjoy my articles! I know it will be a great semester.