My name is Mia Poston and I am a sophomore studying Fashion Design at the University of Cincinnati’s DAAP program. I am currently getting a minor in Public Relations and I thought CollegeFashionista would be the perfect way to express my fashion knowledge and gain experience in blogging.

My fashion sense was developed when I was a child; my mom won best dressed in her high school class and was always working in the retail world. Being able to dress myself at a young age, I loved the idea of being creative and combining things I liked to make an outfit I knew would grab people’s attention. Making fashion design my career choice was risky but I am doing what I love and found that as long as you are passionate about your work, there is no way to fail.

Also, it is important to know I may not use the term “trendy” very often when blogging. I like to blog about things that you can wear years down the road and that will never go out of style. Some people may think this is more financially practical, but more importantly, it sets yourself up to be a fashion icon, someone whose outfit is remembered in the fashion industry years after they wear it and sets trends for people to follow.

The current outfit I have on is a bit dark for my usual summer outfit, but I was on my way to work and wanted to look professional. My favorite part would have to be my backpack. I think that having one good neutral and dark backpack is great for the summer to carry your wallet, lipstick and things for work in. Plus, they can help pull the outfit together.

This dark gray dress is a great staple in the winter and summer. In the winter, I will wear it with tights and booties, but I make it appropriate for the warm weather by adding an open toe leather heel and wearing a black pair of sunglasses to match.

I also love gold jewelry. My watch was a gift that I like to wear when wearing darker colors. It is accompanied by silver and gold tone jewelry, which are good investments since they can go with either tone.

I hope you find my articles to be “RAD” and enjoy your summer!