STYLE GURU BIO: Meredith Jackson

Hello fellow Fashionista/os! It sure feels good to be back! In case you didn’t already know my name is Meredith Jackson. I am currently entering my second semester of sophomore year at Syracuse University and a retail management major within the Martin J. Whitman School of Management. Fashion has always been one of my absolute favorite topics to obsess over, and as a returning Style Guru, I can’t wait for another semester full of awesome new styles and trends!

If you know anything about me at all, then you surely know that I’m a self-proclaimed shopaholic. Whenever a new trend hits the runways, you can be sure to see me scouring the nearest retail outlets later that week trying my hardest to replicate the newest “in” looks. My parents claim that I have too much clothing, but if you ask me, what’s wrong with having options? Absolutely nothing. Fashion is all about freedom of expression, and that means being able to wear what you want when you want. A stocked wardrobe can help any Fashionista/o achieve the perfect look wherever and whenever.

My style is always changing and evolving as I grow and learn new things about myself, but a few things always stay the same: I don’t like to look like I’m trying too hard (unless I am trying really hard), I will almost always be sporting black booties, and no matter what I’ll always have a little bit of edge added to every ensemble. If I had to label my personal style at this point in my life it would have to be “casual-edgy”—comfy and simple, but with just a little bit of spice.  What’s the best way to achieve this look? Dark blue jeans are my go-to for any casual look; they’re super comfy and make your entire outfit look put together. A sweater with an edgy pattern or rips gives the look the perfect amount of flare. An army green jacket is a wardrobe staple and immediately makes your outfit that much more trendy. Finally, throw in some fun accessories like a fun choker or baseball cap (or both like me!), and you’ve flawlessly achieved your “casual-edgy” look.

I love to constantly grow and learn new things about fashion itself and the industry, and being a Style Guru has significantly helped with that growth. CollegeFashionista has been an amazing experience thus far, and I can’t wait to see what the spring semester brings!