STYLE GURU BIO: Melyssa Granat

STYLE GURU BIO: Melyssa Granat

It’s 2015, baby! You know the drill new year, new you. Your clean slate has arrived as we enter into the next exciting chapter of our lives (for me, that means finally turning twenty-one). However, it’s important to reflect on the past year so we can make the right resolutions. This year I made three major resolutions. First, to remain active and keep up a healthy lifestyle. Second, to learn to say ‘yes’ more often. As I venture off to London, for the next semester, it’s finally my time to be adventurous; to remember, opportunities like this don’t come very often and it would be a shame for me to miss out on anything. And finally, I resolute to out-do myself by making the next 365 days more fashionable than the last. Like I said, new year, new me…new clothes!

One of the best things about the start of a new year, is the reinvigorating sense of determination. Some people are determined to get to the gym everyday, others are determined to work on their relationships. Although I plan on doing all of the above, I am particularly determined to dressing my best. However, 2015 wasn’t the only factor in my fashion addiction. In actuality, my yearn to up-the-anti, so to speak, is motivated by my upcoming (four-month) move to London, England. It’s one thing to concur American fashion, but a whole other thing to become a European Fashionista.

I’ve spent my winter break preparing mentally, physically, emotionally and, of course, fashionably for my semester abroad. You see, I’ll do whatever it takes to be the next addition to Bravo’s Ladies of London. I’ll have to learn how to drink tea properly, but until I’m ready for tea with the Queen, the least I can do is look trendy on the streets of Marylebone.

To kick off my seventh semester as a Style Guru for CollegeFashionista, I did some experimenting, and shopping, to create a look that I believe will exemplify my wardrobe in England. By mixing some feminine flare with thigh-high boots, a Gossip Girl-approved sweater and some designer swag, I’m ready for Harrods (and a casual date with Harry Styles!)

The best way to revamp your style is to look back on the past year; what did you like about your wardrobe? Don’t focus on the things you didn’t like because fashion is a form of personal expression. Therefore, there is no right or wrong answer, but there’s ALWAYS room for improvements. Of course fashion doesn’t have to be a top priority, but there’s no shame if it happened to have made its way onto your resolution list this year. Again, happy new year and may 2015 be your stylish year yet!