STYLE GURU BIO: Melodi Erdogan

My name is Melodi Erdogan and I’m a senior at The University of Tennessee, Knoxville studying journalism and electronic media. I cannot believe I’ve spent nearly two years as a Style Guru for CollegeFashionista; time really flies when you’re having fun! Sadly, this is my fifth and last STYLE GURU BIO. That being said, it’s time to finally express how I really feel about this little website.

Even before I started contributing to CollegeFashionista in the fall of 2013, I have had an intense interest in fashion and style. When I was little, I used to beg my mother to buy me magazines like Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar, and then I would fawn over each and every glossy page until I memorized the label to every photographed outfit. When new magazines replaced the old, I would flip through and cut out every quote, photograph and advertisement I thought was particularly inspiring. From the fall 2009 Blumarine campaign to the classic Chanel No. 5 perfume bottle, the binder I used to organize all my beloved cutouts quickly filled to the brim.

As you can imagine, my love for fashion spilled into my dreams of professional pursuits. I lusted over a real job in the fashion industry like I lusted over a pair of sparkly boots, and when I first began college I promised myself I would do everything I could to explore my dreams. Then, CollegeFashionista came along.

With CollegeFashionista, I am able to photograph, write and share my appreciation of the style and fashion I witness every single day on campus. Instead of just walking by Fashionistas/os or simply giving them a compliment, I’m able to talk to them, ask them about their style and tell a story about their individual self-expression. CollegeFashionista has allowed me to hone and practice my interest in fashion and style in a way that is entertaining, fun and exciting.

Grace Coddington once said, “Always keep your eyes open. Keep watching. Because whatever you can see can inspire you.” This semester, I plan on taking that exact advice. In my three years as a student on Rocky Top, I’ve been both inspired and influenced by the exceptional style and fashions worn by my fellow peers. Thanks to CollegeFashionista, I’ll be able to share that with you!

When I’m not buried between stacks of magazines, you’ll be able to find me walking around campus with a camera and notebook in tow. And don’t forget to check back here every week for updates from Volunteer Nation.

Let’s make this semester a RAD one!