STYLE GURU BIO: Melissa Zuluaga

Hello, fashion lovers! I’m Melissa Zuluaga and this is my very first semester with CollegeFashionista. I could not be more excited to be a Style Guru and give you my perspective on the fashionable humans on my campus.

I was born in Cali, Colombia and moved to Los Angeles at the age of four. I have lived in LA ever since and am currently in my third year as a psychology major at the University of California, Los Angeles and hoping to soon pick up a minor in gender studies. Being part of two completely different cultures, Colombia and Los Angeles have both inspired and influenced my style in different ways.

I’ve always loved fashion. Whether it was flipping through fashion magazines when I’m in line at the grocery store or spending countless hours on websites trying not to add anything to my cart (failing most of the time). However, I never had any way to channel my love for fashion and always kept it as a little secret of mine. I found CollegeFashionista earlier this year and the red button “Apply to be a Style Guru” wouldn’t seem get off my mind, so I decided to take the chance.

My style ranges widely or better said, it’s all over the place. Some days I only want to wear my skate high Vans, jean shorts and oversized shirts. Other days I am in high heeled booties and my favorite pair jeans. I am influenced from skater style to runway fashion and everything that falls in between. It all depends on my mood that day and it can hardly ever be predicted. The one thing you can always bet on is that I will be wearing a watch. No matter heels, boots or sneakers, a watch can be seen on my wrist. It’s a guilty pleasure of mine and my collection seems to keep expanding.

Being a psychology major, I constantly find myself people watching and if I can ever spark up a conversation with a stranger, I will. I am fascinated by why people do what they do and my interest in fashion stems from that. Clothes can alter your mood and affect those around you. I see style and fashion as a small insight to who people are and how they express themselves. You can learn so much from someone by simply seeing how they dress.

I could not be more excited to share everything fashion here in Los Angeles. With all of its diversity, different and unique styles can be seen everywhere. Hopefully all you Fashionistas/os enjoy reading and seeing my views on fashion this semester. Be sure to come back and read more!