STYLE GURU BIO: Melissa McCormick

January 24th, 2017 at 2:00am
STYLE GURU BIO: Melissa McCormick

Hi Everyone! I’m Melissa McCormick, a senior at Florida Southern College studying advertising/public relations and business.

Believe it or not, fashion wasn’t always my thing. If you were to ask my mom to show you pictures of me as a child you’d see a lot of tie-dye T-shirts and cut off shorts. My love for fashion really started when I entered college, but my whole world changed when I lost 110 pounds my sophomore year. Fashion has taken huge strides in including plus sizes in designer lines and becoming more body positive in the past years but during the time when I was losing weight, the options were still a little sparse. I’m not saying fashion was the only factor motivating me to get fit, but it definitely helped.

Anyway, once I lost weight and started concentrating on being healthy and dressing for my body type and what made me feel amazing, the world of fashion really opened up for me. I fell in love with the confidence that a new dress of pair of jeans could give someone. New styles and trends excited me and made me want to branch out and wear new things, mix it up, experiment.

I love dressing up and looking like I’m on my way to the next big event, even if that event just happens to be lunch. While I’m wearing some higher end pieces in this shoot, it’s so simple and easy to find almost the exact same items for just a fraction of the price. Something I’ve been so into lately are these big floppy hats and this maroon one happened to match my booties perfectly! Paired with a chunky scarf, some gold accessories, and a little black bag my look is comfortable yet sophisticated. I’ve linked items almost identical to mine, but at a great price point!

I’ve had so many different styles in just the past few years from preppy to city chic. Now I wear what makes me feel like I could do anything, talk to anyone. I don’t fit into any specific category or trend now, but I’ve created my own special mix of pieces that make me feel invincible. I hope to give anyone and everyone the confidence to try that new hot pink dress or those six inch heels, because when you learn to embrace what feels right on you, every day feels like walking the runway.