STYLE GURU BIO: Melissa Kleiman

January 6th, 2015 at 2:00am

When I was young I had a hard time figuring out what my style was. One day I was a total tomboy and the next day I’d sport my mother’s J.Crew scarf. I was all over the place and wasn’t sure how to truly represent who I was. Now I can gladly say I have figured out my style and how it shows who I am as a person. College has definitely inspired me to look my best and be comfortable in the clothes I wear around campus.

I am so excited to be writing for CollegeFashionista because I have the opportunity to showcase my style as well as the other students’ style of Marist College! Marist is filled with people who have diverse fashion senses, and I love walking around campus every day and seeing how everyone expresses themselves. The fashion majors are known for their bold clothing choices and always looking great, which inspired me to experiment with the clothes in my wardrobe. Now, my style is on the edgier side with a lot of dark colors, but I love the preppy look as well. College has definitely broadened the way I view fashion, and my appearance is something I am always conscious of.

I cannot wait to see what new fashion trends this season brings. At a school like Marist where everyone always looks their best, trends catch on quickly and expand all throughout campus. Usually you’ll see me wearing jeans, sweaters and boots and my go-to colors to wear are blue, gray and off-white. There is also a 90 percent chance that what I’m wearing is from Urban Outfitters.

In this picture I am wearing one of my favorite fall/winter outfits. My shirt is from Brandy Melville, and my sweater is from Urban Outfitters. You can find my high-waisted jeans at American Eagle Outfitters and my boots at Steve Madden. I cannot wait to get started and show you more of my style and the various styles around Marist. Make sure you check out my articles every Tuesday, and I hope you enjoy them!