STYLE GURU BIO: Melaniya Miao

STYLE GURU BIO: Melaniya Miao

Hey Fashionistas/os! My name is Melaniya Miao, and I am so thrilled to kick off my first semester as a Style Guru. I am a rising junior at University of Wisconsin-Madison majoring in accounting and pursuing a certificate in French. Being a fashion designer has always been my dream since kindergarten. Although I am on ironically the track of becoming an accountant in the near future (dream VS reality), fashion is something that I cannot step back from. It acts as my stimulant that never fails to wake me up and keep me high.

Dog lover, foodie, high-spirited dreamer, online shopper and Disney enthusiast are not enough to describe me. Only style is the best way to say who you are without saying it. My style changes all the time from girly to tomboy, classic to modern or any sparkles that come to my mind. Those sparkles usually come to me during online shopping, which I am so addicted to. One of the common images in my apartment lobby is me carrying five packages and trying to go upstairs to my room. I totally agree with what Carrie Bradshaw says—I like my money right where I can see it: hanging in my closet.

For this bio look, I put together some ordinary items to create a sharp look that is perfect for a girl’s day out, a causal date or any get together. The V-neck button-down blouse brings more possibility of styling your outfit. I loosely tuck in my shirt in order to accentuate the legs and improve the body proportion. You can always leave the blouse hanging out to make it more casual and sluggish. A pair of washed out shorts might have already occupied a spot in every girl’s wardrobe this summer. I love them because they are omnipotent when matching with shirts and tops. In order to complement a more delightful look and balance out the dark color of the blouse, I pick this canary and tangerine clutch with asymmetrical color arrangement, which I consider as the highlight of the outfit. Last but not least, a simple pair of black wedges completes this look without stealing the clutch’s thunder.

Every day is your runway. Keep your style on and thanks for stopping by! Check out more of my styles on Instagram and Facebook! Let’s have a #RAD semester!