STYLE GURU BIO: Melanie Rudio

Although I have always had a love for fashion, in the past year I have grown a lot, not only as a person but also with my personal style. Being a part of CollegeFashionista and being more involved in the fashion community has helped me develop my “fashion identity” and own style. I have always had a laid back edge to my wardrobe, but now I am trying different trends more and getting a little riskier with my outfits on a day-to-day basis. I must say I am having SO much fun with it!

I have recently started following more designers and runway fashion and bringing them into my own style. The best advice I can give for that is get onto the social media and start following as many fashion accounts as you can! A lot of ideas I get come straight off Instagram, Twitter, etc. It can certainly be difficult to keep up with the fashion world at times, but this is the best way to stay on top of it if you can pick up the latest copy of Vogue or Cosmopolitan every week!

My style still remains very boho-chic and laid back, but don’t think for a second I won’t rock a pair of stilettos and a vibrant jacket any day of the week! Like I said before, I think the most important part of fashion is having your own personal style, but being able to wear things out of your comfort zone is important! My favorite shopping spots are Free People, NASTY GAL, Nordstrom and, of course, thrift stores!

I am super excited to be starting another semester with CollegeFashionista! I cannot wait to see what fashion trends are going on at all the campuses. Style on fashion lovers!