STYLE GURU BIO: Meghan Eberlein

STYLE GURU BIO: Meghan Eberlein

“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak,” Rachel Zoe once said speaking to the Fashionistas/os and the not-so Fashionistas/os. When walking down the street you are exposed to so many different styles that you may even forget about your own. But when you get dressed in the morning, that is your style. One day you might dress up with your favorite heels and the next in your favorite T-shirt. Each day and each person is different. Styles are different. Becoming a part of the CollegeFashionista team, I have learned this in many ways. I began my journey with CollegeFashionista during the summer semester and loved it so much that I decided to continue with this learning experience.

My time this summer was mostly spent abroad, widening my eyes to all the world has to offer. From the different food to languages, but mostly the different fashion I was hooked. Every day I spent my hours, minutes, seconds people watching and wondering what those people thought when picking their clothes out.

I was born and raised in Staten Island, New York where people often tend to dress the same. Coming from the small borough right next to Manhattan, you would think everyone would dress very stylish. Instead, people often find one trend and by the next day, everyone is wearing it. I have fallen into this cycle a couple times because hey it’s hard not to! As time went on I have found my own style and express it through my own clothing. I often follow fashion trends but not the Staten Island ones. If I do, I like to add my own flair because who really wants to look like everyone else?

As I continue as a part of the CollegeFashionista team, I hope to learn more about people’s style. This time, the fashion isn’t from abroad or my hometown but in upstate New York, Oneonta. For the past two years, I have called this place my second home. I have definitely done enough people watching to gather some ideas of the upstate style. Each student can dress so different all dependent on how they were feeling that morning. Each student has their own style.

I have my own style and I am ready to show you that your clothing is the best way of expressing yourself. So let’s get ready for a RAD semester and show everyone our own styles!