January 6th, 2016 at 2:10am

Before I talk to you about my style, I will get the basic facts out of the way. My name is Megan Stitt and I am a junior at North Carolina State University. I am studying fashion and textile management and minoring in art and design. I hope to one day work somewhere in the fashion industry. My job intentions are just like my fashion sense—all across the board. I am interested in every bit of fashion that I stumble upon!

My style has evolved slowly over the years. It started from the color coordinated outfits my mom made me wear, to the middle school phase of tie-dye animal t-shirts, technically one could say I was ahead of the trend, to the bright-and-black scene phase I had in ninth grade and it finally changed into the style I have now. I love to experiment with new trends, but most of my style sticks by preppy, clean shapes with a little punch of punk.

I picked this outfit because it is a combination of my favorite pieces of the moment. However, it also embodies that preppy punk style I was talking about. If a striped turtleneck is not perfectly preppy then I do not know what is! I like mine to be a bit oversized, as has been the trend for sweaters and T-shirts the past few winters. My black skinny jeans are my go-to pair of pants; I wear them probably more than I should. My over-the-knee boots adds a little alternative vibe to the look, which I love. Right now I wear the red lip whenever I go out to an event. It is my favorite beauty look of the moment and also happens to pair well with my hair.

As I intern as a Style Guru I will be writing about all sorts of trends on campus, hoping to inspire you to be creative with your own style and try new things. I love giving advice and styling people; so if you are ever in an outfit bind, please reach out to me! I hope you enjoy my posts as well as my style as I bring you some of the freshest styles of the semester.