STYLE GURU BIO: Megan McSherry

Hey, hey Fashionistas! I’m Megan, a freshman at the University of Southern California majoring in business administration. I grew up in New York, so I had the whole cold weather thing down. Coming to Los Angeles was quite a shock to my system; the first month or so of school was chock full of 100 degree days. I adjusted quite quickly to life out on the West Coast, though. Temperatures in the 70’s are now my norm, and if it reaches anything lower I instinctually grab a sweater (sometimes two).

My style has changed incredibly over the years. All I can say about my middle school style is thank goodness my preppy days are over. The amount of polos I wore by choice is almost sickening. I easily transitioned to the private school life in high school, being forced to wear collared shirts (yay!) and plaid skirts every day. However, I quickly got bored by the similarities between my personal style and my required uniform. I began wearing more prints, brighter colors and new silhouettes. I can’t describe my current style with one word; eclectic doesn’t even do the job. You can better visualize my sense of style through my favorite pieces in my closet. These gray Steve Madden sneakers, patches and all, grace my feet on a daily basis, whether it be to breakfast and back or a full day of travel. My Urban Outfitters high-waisted, distressed mom jeans are the love of my life; no matter how baggy, unflattering or worn out they may look. If something is black and white striped, there is a 99 percent chance it is in my closet. And my claim to fame is my gold leather high-waisted skirt. An impulse purchase on the app Poshmark, I have never once regretted buying it, or wearing it more often than I probably should.

This semester my goal is to evoke as much jealousy in you East Coasters and Midwesterners as I can through some good ol’ Southern California style… just kidding. I’m so excited to show you how we West Coasters take winter and spring, El Niño and all.

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