STYLE GURU BIO: Megan Burton

May 25th, 2015 at 2:00am

Hello Fashionistas and Fashionistos! I am Megan Burton, a rising senior, currently studying History and Journalism at the University of Dayton. However, I am spending the summer in Michigan hunting down Fashionistas. I was brought up in Michigan (where my dad is from), but was born in Texas (where my mom is from).

Studying history has always been a passion of mine and even as a child I was often parked in front of the TV watching documentaries about ancient civilizations. A big part of history, especially womens’, is about clothing and how cultures have used what they wear to define and express themselves. Many current fashion trends incorporate once outdated styles into a modern setting. One of my favorite things is seeing people incorporate pieces that throw it back to another time.

Along with history, I am obsessed with nature and you can often find me in the garden trying my hand at growing new flowers, herbs or produce. This love of the natural world fuses with my fashion and I often geek over florals, crystalline jewelry and color pallets that mimic the earth.

Generally my own style tends to be laid-back as I gravitate toward anything comfortable: leggings, flannels, oversized T-shirts and maxi skirts. One of my favorite ways to dress up these basics is with little accessories. Interesting little rings, vintage necklaces and even an unexpected shoe are the key to bringing my outfits together. In this ensemble I put a twist on the little black dress. I used a strappy shoe, a grunged-up denim vest and mismatched jewelry to bring life to my simple black frock.

I can’t wait to begin snapping pics and writing about the Fashionistas/os at the nearby universities and to share their inspirational fashion choices with you!