Hey fashion lovers! My name is Megan Barr and I just finished my second year at Bucks County Community College. In the fall, I plan on transferring to Philadelphia University to continue my study of fashion merchandising. I’ve never been away from home for an extended period of time like I will be when I go away for school, so I’m nervous but definitely excited for the adventure that lies ahead of me!

When I’m asked to describe my style, naturally my answer is, “the contemporary section at Forever 21.” Forever 21 is my go-to shop for basically, well, everything! I love shopping for new pieces that can describe to everyone around me who I am, without having to open my mouth. I am your typical girly girl with a wardrobe full of sparkles, dresses and bright prints. An outfit is never complete without a little twinkle!

I nearly live in dresses all year round. As a college student, time is very valuable which is why I love how dresses only require just a few seconds to put on. With the right pair of shoes and a few accessories, a dress has the ability to be an entire outfit. A dress with a print is much easier to accessorize, because looking for a jacket or necklace with a matching color from the print is easier than having to start your look from scratch with a plain dress. While shopping for new dresses, I usually look for something that I will be able to wear more than once, because of the college student budget I currently have.

I’m also am a sucker for accessories. My look is never considered finished without a few necklaces or bracelets. I never leave my house without my thin black choker on, which is one of my favorite trends of the season. I’ve also been super into hats recently, which is strange, because up until this past winter, I always steered clear of hats and everything they have to offer. When worn correctly a hat can be the finishing touch on an outfit pulling everything together.

I’m super excited to get to share all my advice with everyone. Make sure you check back for my articles throughout the summer!