STYLE GURU BIO: Megan Achtzener

May 27th, 2015 at 2:10am

Greetings y’all! My name is Megan Achtzener and I am a senior at the University of South Florida majoring in Studio Art with a focus in Photography. As I complete my last semester as an Undergraduate I’m filled with excitement and fear. I keep comparing this feeling to being pushed from the nest of the mother bird; I am scared to jump but I know that I will soar. Photography is my passion and I am very excited to apply the skills I’ve learned in academia to my internship here at Collegefashionista this summer!

I was born and raised in Florida and cannot imagine calling anywhere else home. I love my white sandy beaches, sunshine and being barefoot. I am without a doubt a product of my environment. Born into a family of five, my mother and father were tree arborists and my two brothers were dirt-balls. It is no wonder I am most content when I am outdoors. As a young child I would follow my brothers through the mud and back just to return, change my outfit and repeat. My mother has always had to remind me I wasn’t “going to prom.” Some things have not changed. I still go through a ton of clothes and take way too long to get ready.

Fashion has always been an interest of mine and this interest has only grown stronger with age. I’m a sucker for anything vintage. My wardrobe is stuffed full of floral, polka-dots and pearls. I almost always rock a bright Red lip. I have never allowed “a style” to define me, and have always dressed how I feel day to day. Some days I might dress punk and other days I might go for something more classic. I am known to embrace certain eras on any given day. I have been a pin-up, a flapper and a hippy; it all really depends on how I am feeling that day. The look I choose for my Style Guru Bio includes some of my favorite items from my wardrobe. My polka-dot romper blends a modern trend with the classic pattern that I love. I paired it with my DIY denim jacket to showcase my creative side and topped it off with a cognac cross-body bag and cork wedges.

I’m the kind of person who will try anything once, even if it scares me senseless. I have traveled to Europe, the Bahamas and Canada. I plan to see as much of the world as my itchy feet will allow. I have kissed the Blarney Stone, stood in the middle of Stonehenge, ate Haggis in Scotland and shopped in London. I have a need for adventure.  I love to dance; I will do it just about anywhere and I love to sing until someone is listening. The arts are pretty much what I live for. It is safe to say without art, music, dance, theater and fashion, my existence would be incomplete.