As I embark on my last semester of college and soon onto my “big girl” job search (as I like to call it), one of the best things that I am able to speak about with pride is my experience with CollegeFashionista. CollegeFashionista has given me much more than another position on my resume. In fact, being both a Style Guru and Social Media Intern has opened many doors for me—I believe that writing for and promoting CollegeFashionista is something that I will never forget. Therefore, with a heavy yet grateful heart, it gives me pleasure to introduce myself to the CollegeFashionista world for the last time as a Style Guru and Social Media intern.

From beginning my time with CollegeFashionista as a “young” sophomore in college, I am now able to look back as a senior to see my emotional as well as style evolution. Without CollegeFashionista, I would never have been able to discover my love for photography, writing and the desire for a possible career path in digital media.

Although I wish I could be reporting to you all from Mexico every month as I am now, my permanent residence for the spring will be Providence College. Yes, it is in Rhode Island. Yes, it is a small school. And no, I did not apply to Boston College. With all jokes aside, I hope that you will follow me around during my last semester as a Style Guru. Be sure to register for CollegeFashionista to follow my posts and follow me on my Instagram for more social media updates, as well!

P.S. My look today consists of a few of my current favorite pieces: my denim Zara dress, my long sleeve top from COS, gently worn Madewell ankle boots, my new favorite go-to cross-body bag by COS and my favorite winter MAC lipstick: The Darkside.