Hello CollegeFashionista world! First and foremost, I am thrilled to begin my fifth semester as a Style Guru. For almost two years now, I have been able to be on the CollegeFashionista team and see the blog evolve into the greatness that it is today. To simply put it, CollegeFashionista just keeps getting better and better (or using CollegeFashionista lingo: “radder and radder”). Through being a Style Guru, I have been given amazing and rare opportunities to see the fashion industry from a whole different side. In fact, being an intern for the site has given me a love for writing, specifically fashion blogging, which I would have never thought to be an interest of mine.

After a semester of studying overseas in Milan, I felt somewhat indifferent when it came to returning back to the United States. Yes, I looked forward to the perks such as finally having free water at restaurants and finally being able to shop at my beloved Madewell. However, I feared returning home to a place that seemed so different than the Italian culture that I had grown to love over the span of four months. Despite those aspects, I can now say that although I was fearful, I am now excited to incorporate the “changed me” into my life in the States. I hope that through my writing and through my personal style that I will be able to express myself in ways different than the past. Since my time in Italy, I can already see reflections of the Milanese culture through the many expressions of my overall style.

On the topic of expression, this brings me to explain one of the many things that fashion is to me. From a young age, in addition to flipping through the countless issue of my mother’s Harper’s Bazaar magazines, I was always looking for ways to express and find my own style. Although to this day I still cannot forgive my parents for letting me wear silver metallic leggings and glittered eye shadow to school, I am forever thankful for those phrases of my life. Call it being naïve; I call it expression and a learning process. It was times like studying abroad and times like experimenting with different (sparkly) styles that I was able to truly find out what I liked when it came to personal style and preferences.

Overall, I am extremely excited to contribute what fashion has become to me throughout the years. Through writing on the many different columns that CollegeFashionista has to offer, I look forward to sharing my words and my continuous love for fashion!