STYLE GURU BIO: Meagan Sapashe

Hello fellow Fashionistas/os, my name is Meagan Sapashe and I am sad to say this is my seventh and final semester writing for CollegeFashionista. I am a senior at the University of South Florida studying Mass Communications with a concentration in Advertising and minors in Business and Sociology. Upon graduation, I hope to pursue a career in graphic design at a fashion, beauty or lifestyle brand.

My time here at CollegeFashionista has perfectly documented my ever-changing personal style. Take a look back at my very first STYLE GURU BIO and you will get what I mean. I have always been one to have a wildly changing personal style and CollegeFashionista has only helped me to expand it.

Some of my current wardrobe staples have been high-top sneakers, overalls, turtlenecks, minimalist jewelry and oversized outerwear (even though I live in Florida). These pieces have proven to be extremely versatile and are easy to mix and match to create new looks. In the look I am rocking above, I have compiled an outfit that combines all of my current staples and I have to say it has been a staple itself. If you don’t believe me, check my Instagram feed.

I am excited to see what this last semester with CollegeFashionista will bring. I can’t wait to see what new trends I will obsess over this season and how my personal style will continue to evolve.

Even though my time here at CollegeFashionista is coming to an end, I look forward to getting inspired by all the Fashionistas/os that I will photograph this spring.