STYLE GURU BIO: MaryFrances Duggins

May 26th, 2015 at 2:10am

My name is MaryFrances Duggins and I’m super excited to be a Style Guru Intern this summer for CollegeFashionista! I am currently a senior Management major and Entrepreneurship minor at Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio. I would love to work as a fashion stylist, writer and social media manager and I am already gaining experience in all of these areas and truly love it!

After years of writing about fashion and giving advice to friends, I was thrilled to find out I’ll be writing for a community of people who have the same passions as I do. From starting “The Fashion Article” in my high school newspaper to working my way up as a fashion blogger for Skinny Bags, I am always looking for new experiences to strengthen my fashion knowledge and writing skills.

I picked up my first fashion magazine at the age of 10 years old and became obsessed with the idea of working in the fashion industry. My first paper in high school was a research paper on what it’s like to be an editor at a fashion magazine, and I knew I wanted to start writing. With 13 years of Catholic school uniforms, my self-expression was limited when it came to clothing. Writing about fashion let me learn more about it while also sharing my knowledge with others. Nowadays, the resources on the internet allow me to share my love of fashion and writing with a larger audience in multiple ways.

I believe in wearing what reflects your own personal style and not just trends that are “in.” Personally, I have a weakness for black and white clothing, but I also love to incorporate color! I’m an organization freak and my clothing is arranged by color in my closet. My style is a mix of feminine, edgy and classic styles which varies each day.

My outfit in this post is one of my favorites! It shows off my black and white obsession with a fitted, striped crop top that I can easily pair with a lot of other outfits. I incorporated color with my maxi skirt that is super comfortable and fun to wear. Neutral sandals and gold earrings don’t overdue my outfit, but accessorize it just right. I love wavy hair, so I kept my hair in loose waves and added a red lipstick look to finish it off.

By wearing clothing and styles you love, your confidence shines through. Fashion is a silent language that speaks to those around you about who you are. That’s why fashion is so awesome!

Stay tuned for my summer adventure to see all of the Fashionistas/os I meet and write about! Also, feel free to reach out and follow me on social media. I love meeting new people!