STYLE GURU BIO: Mary O'Sullivan

A week ago, (on my 20th birthday, no less) my boyfriend took me shopping. He was discussing what he wears and putting adjectives to his sense of style trying to tame it to at least one word. The words “trendy” and “luxurious” came up as he was trying to pinpoint it. “Well, then what’s my style?” I heard myself asking. He responded with “Yours…yours is Mary,” and a hint of hesitancy.

For a moment I couldn’t decide if I liked that response. Aren’t I cool and trendy? Then, of course, I decided I did like that my style could only be put as “Mary.” That means it’s doing the job as I intended. Like all of you, I want my style to reflect who I am. My style is nondenominational and, like many of you, I simply dress the way I feel or with the message I want to send to others that day.

One thing I will say is that I treat my fashion choices the way I treat my life—a balancing act. I balance between accessories, moods and statement pieces. I don’t overdo in order to avoid being too much to take in, but I will always do my best to stand out.

In addition to “fashion lover,” you can add “actress” and “student” to my list of titles. There are times where I must tailor my anything-goes mindset and dress for the occasion. It is essential in both the classroom and auditions that my style reflects who I am, while not distracting from my talent or hard work.

Moreover, chokers are everywhere! Not only traditional, black-wire chokers, but just about anything you can safely put around your neck. Lately, I have been doing ribbons and bandanas. This particular gold ribbon is actually intended for gift wrapping and I think it’s perfect to make an outfit more interesting. It also goes well with my studs from Rocks Box and my shirt from Forever 21. Let me tell you that I live in these jeans. I’m not one to purchase things just because celebrities endorse them, but Kylie Jenner did not steer me wrong with these Levi Brand Jeans.

I’m really looking forward to having CollegeFashionista be a part of my life this summer at home here in Chicago. This internship is giving me a creative outlet to express my unique sense of style and I hope the readers enjoy it as much as I do.