STYLE GURU BIO: Mary Joyce Alejandrino

May 25th, 2015 at 2:00am

Hey there! I’m Mary Joyce Alejandrino, but that’s too long. Call me Mj. It’s my first time here as an intern for College Fashionista, and I am thrilled!

I’m 18 and a rising sophomore in the College of Nursing at Rutgers University, New Brunswick. I grew up sheltered and introverted, so coming into Rutgers with its population of over 30,000 undergraduates was terrifying. Never had I been around so many people my own age. At the same time, however, it was also a breath of fresh air. So far, I’ve been on Snapchat-worthy adventures and I’ve met many beautiful people that have taught me a thing or two about life. What I’ve noticed is that some of these new faces have really incredible fashion sense, like the type that you see on Tumblr. Since I’m a Tumblr girl who fully appreciates and reblogs well-thought-out ensembles, this is wonderful news.

Besides slaving over anatomy and gushing over Tumblr outfits, my special talents include pretending to be a model and posing for picture after picture. Taking pictures of others and coaxing them into posing as if they were in a magazine is also fun; photography and video editing hold a special camera-shaped place in my heart. I’m fortunate to have found CollegeFashionista; I’m excited to put my photography (and writing) skills to the test.

I’m starting this fashion blog as a college student, but I’ve been into fashion since I was young. As a little girl, I enjoyed dressing up and pretending to be a princess. Birthday parties or special events where sparkly gowns were required were my favorite. As I got older, that love for dresses stayed. I can’t always rock a ball gown, so I take that love and apply it to my everyday attire.

My style has evolved through the years, and recently, I’ve been loving oversized tops, flowy skirts and a good pair of high heels. Black is a staple color in my wardrobe; you can never go wrong with it. Combat boots are also my thing, but I really prefer comfortable shoes that give me a solid two to three inches in height. I think high heels add the cherry on top to most outfits; it can be the confidence boost you need to conquer the world. In my opinion, that’s what fashion is: a way to build yourself up. As the saying goes, always dress to impress! Of course, the most important person you need to impress is you.