STYLE GURU BIO: Martina Bussanich

STYLE GURU BIO: Martina Bussanich

Hello, ladies and gents! My name is Martina. I’m 20 years old and currently attend the University of Delaware as a sophomore. Just this year, I started to really find my hobbies and explore my interests. As a freshman, I started out as a business undeclared major, not knowing at all what my intentions were or what path I wanted to take. I am so indecisive and constantly changing my mind. I knew that I wanted to focus my career path towards the fashion industry, but I was just scared. Just this year, I finally decided to do what I wanted and switched my major to fashion merchandising with a minor in business administration. I still don’t know specifically where I want to be, but I’m finally content with the path I’m following. Therefore, I am excited to follow my path and embracing my journey with CollegeFashionista.

I grew up in a pretty rural area in Pennsylvania, and then moved to Jersey Shore about halfway through. My parents are from Italy, so I grew up in a very foreign household, which I am so thankful for! It definitely added to my quirks.

I’ve always been an aficionado of anything fashion related. I’ve been collecting stacks of magazine clippings for as long as I can remember. Fashion has always been something that I’ve held so close to me. It’s not just about collecting interesting garments. It’s been almost therapeutic for me to formulate an outfit that expresses my mood for the time being. My style is ever-changing. I’m open to wearing so many various styles and I think that’s the beauty of fashion. It’s a means of expression and individualism, and I’ve always prided myself in being unique and different.

Black is always my go-to color. I probably have more black in my closet than the legal limit. I’m all about comfort too. I absolutely adore looking good and being comfortable. It is such a happy medium for me. As you can see I am wearing a black elastic ruched cropped tank that’s super comfortable and versatile. I’m constantly wearing it with every outfit. I paired it with high-waisted frayed hem jeans from H&M. I love the cropped leg on these. For my shoes, I dressed the look up with a pair of black suede booties that complement the cropped leg of the jeans. I added some originality by tying a chiffon scarf around my neck that I found at goodwill. It’s such an easy look to recreate and it’s so adaptable for any occasion.