May 28th, 2015 at 2:00am

Hello fellow Fashionistas/os! My name is Martha Leo and I am an incoming sophomore at the University of Pittsburgh. Currently I am studying Business, focusing in Marketing and Supply Chain Management, with a strong interest in someday pursuing a career in the fashion industry. I cannot begin to express how excited I am to be joining the CollegeFashionista family this summer as a Style Guru! I am so thankful to have received this amazing opportunity and am very excited to begin to share my thoughts and feelings regarding today’s fashion trends with all of you!

Since before I can remember I have always had an interest in fashion. I attribute this to growing up with a very stylish mother and an older sister. Although today we all have very different styles, a lot of my interest stemmed from theirs. I am one of the first in my family to not partake in a career path oriented towards the medical field. Although I felt a lot of pressure to attempt to pursue that lifestyle, I decided against it and could not be any happier that I made that decision. I cannot see myself in any other industry other than fashion. Luckily I have received a lot of support from all of my family and friends, and encourage everyone to follow their dreams, even if it means going against the grain!

Growing up around Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, I have been lucky enough to experience all four weather seasons (and the amazing clothing options that come along with them). This summer is my first summer living on my own, and I am really looking forward to living in the city of Pittsburgh! I have had experience working as a sales associate at a few boutiques and love this line of work. I currently work at a local boutique and love to see all of the new clothes come in, as well as what people are buying and what trends are becoming the new “it” thing (and the discounts don’t hurt either). I will be residing in the Lawrenceville area, a local “hipster” neighborhood of Pittsburgh. Hopefully I will be able to channel this atmosphere into my style posts and cannot wait to get a taste of the daily fashion of the neighborhood.

My personal style is extremely simple. I constantly am wearing neutral colored and simplistic shapes. My best explanation for these tendencies is my striving for versatility within my wardrobe. But I am on a mission to prove that neutral colors are not boring! I experiment with different sleeves, shapes, lengths and patterns, but always maintain a simplistic aesthetic. My romper pictured here is something that I can dress up or down, along with an army jacket, (mine is from Need Supply Co.), and my favorite Jeffrey Campbell booties, which I wear with absolutely everything (hence, the stains).

Again, I am so excited to become a part of the CollegeFashionista family and cannot wait to share this journey with all of you fabulous people!