STYLE GURU BIO: Marissa Nardi

Hello! My name is Marissa and I am currently a junior at Manhattanville College. For as long as I can remember, fashion has always been an important part of my life. When I was young, raiding my mothers closet, playing dress up in clothes three times my size, and going through my mother’s jewelry box were daily occurrences. So much so that her old clothes became my own. She even began to hide her nice jewelry because at the age of 10, who would trust their child with a diamond ring?

My love for fashion only grew stronger when I had my first major encounter with a popular contributor to the fashion world. When I was in sixth grade, a scout for Teen Vogue invited me to their popup location at a local mall. I was greeted with open arms and warm smiles from a group of professional makeup artists, stylists and famous models for the one and only, Teen Vogue. It was there where I met the infamous Amy Astley, the editor-in-chief of Teen Vogue. That day marked the beginning of my own fashion evolution.

Teen Vogue, Vogue, Seventeen Magazine and Cosmopolitan photos and articles became pieces of inspiration for my growing inner Fashionista. As my sense of style grew, so did my love for writing. Over the years, fashion became more than labels and writing became more than only high school and college assignments.

Today, fashion is a way for me to express myself. I pay less attention to who I am wearing, and more to why and how I am wearing my clothing and accessories. My current style can be described as edgy, urban, classy and simplistic at times. As a Style Guru, I am able express others and myself seamlessly through my two passions: fashion and writing.

I love dressing up and wearing dark colors. On days when it’s not too cold I always turn to a black skirt. Tights or high socks are a great way to keep warm or amp up any outfit and of course, no outfit is complete without the perfect pair of shoes. Chelsea boots and combat boots are my personal favorites.