STYLE GURU BIO: Marisa Sierra

My name is Marisa Sierra and I’m currently a junior at Pace University majoring in communications studies. I am extremely interested in public relations or fashion journalism. Especially for this type of a career, having my own apartment in NYC is a dream come true. NYC has so much to offer and I am truly blessed to live here!

I’m pretty much that girl that is always creeping on Amrezy’s Instagram page and online window-shopping on every website from Urban Outfitters to Sephora. Even though fashion and beauty are strong interests of mine, I am also very interested in what’s going on in the world. I really enjoy reading articles from the New York Times and E! News in my spare time. I feel it is very important to be exposed to both pop culture and what’s going on around the world.

I take most of my fashion inspiration from celebrities such as Nicole Ricci, all of the Kardashian sisters and Olivia Palermo. Some of my favorite places to shop from are Free People, Zara, Opening Ceremony and any good vintage thrift shop. I am obsessed with European style, specifically French style. I feel that they really know how to piece outfits together in a classy, fresh way.

I really love to plan out of my makeup look based off my outfit. Being obsessed with makeup has its perks, I can look like a totally different person depending on my makeup. Some days I want to wear “Cyber” from MAC, other days I’m more into “Please Me” from MAC.

I can’t wait to show what it’s like living in New York City, one of the most fashionable cities, through my pictures. Stay up guys!